Front Loading Pack

Manufacturer: SPC Manufacturing
SKU: SPCBT011. Category: Business and Travel.
SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures a variety of custom, Front Loading Packs that carry your precious cargo close to your heart.

SPC Manufacturing Company knows that not everything can be carried on your back! When you want your precious cargo carried close to your heart, consider a custom, Front Loading Pack.

SPC Manufacturing offers many features that help leave your hands free and secure the safety of your cargo, as well as yourself. Part or all of this unique Front Loading Pack can be padded, as well as shoulder and waist straps. Select from a wide variety materials and notions, SPC Manufacturing Company also offers professional design and manufacturing services.

Let SPC Manufacturing Company create a custom Front Loading Pack for your company based on your specific needs!

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logo 2015SPC Manufacturing Company is a contract, sewing/manufacturing company located in Eastern Tennessee that provides full service for custom products - specializing in bags, cases and containers - from design and development through prototyping, production, silk screening and packaging. Read More

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