Nylon Drawstring Bags

Manufacturer: SPC Manufacturing
SKU: SPCBT009. Category: Business and Travel.
SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures high quality, custom, nylon drawstring bags that can be used for a variety of purposes including carrying kids soccer and school gear, and much more.

SPC Manufacturing Company originally designed this nylon drawstring bag for a soccer league to hold kids gear. It had to be simple, easy to use and rugged. The design is straightforward and includes padded, thick, woven cord to protect kids shoulders.

Perfect for elementary -, middle- and high school students whose school safety regulations disallow traditional backpacks, these drawstring bags are durable and versatile enough to carry books, projects, school supplies and more. Many other uses for our Drawstring Bags make them a perfect promotional item.

Let SPC Manufacturing Company create custom Drawstring Bags for your company or school based on your specific needs!

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