Paramedic Bags

Manufacturer: SPC Manufacturing
SKU: SPCMS001. Category: Medical and Safety Industry.
SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures Paramedic Bags in several styles and materials, custom-made for any type of emergency.

SPC Manufacturing Company's Paramedic Bags are manufactured in several styles and materials, custom-made to accomodate any type of emergency and made to withstand the most rugged conditions. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, all bags are designed to withstand weather and force with reinforced handles, zippers and shoulder straps.

Styles include but are not limited to: drum bag style, long equipment case style and attaché style.

Drum Bag Paramedic Bags can be completely adjustable with shelves to layer equipment and supplies inside. This is accomplished with hook and loop shelves and dividers.

The long case bag is made to accommodate oxygen tanks and AED units with options for inside pockets for masks and equipment and outside pockets for medicine, gloves and other necessary supplies.

Let SPC Manufacturing Company create a custom Paramedic Bag for your company based on your specific needs.

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